China-ASEAN New Smart City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2023

Registration is open now till 18th November 2023

The Competition

China-ASEAN New Smart City Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition (CANSCIENCE)

  • The China-ASEAN New Smart City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is back for the 6th year!
  • We’re calling for the best ASEAN innovation startups who are seeking opportunities to break beyond their borders.

About Us

Who Are We

  • We are a group of entrepreneurs who desire to connect ASEAN startups together through a network of mentors, coaches, investors, and incubators.
  • We are worked with Cloudbae, Alibaba’s subsidiary, to organize the China ASEAN New Smart City Innovation and Entrepreneur Competition since 2020.
  • China ASEAN Connection also honours the best regional startups through Award, Accolades like the ASEAN Startup Award
  • Together with our strategic partner-AP Academy Pte Ltd, we are creating specialized founder’s training to equip startups to scale and leverage on opportunities

Competition Synopsis

Don’t miss your chance to pitch your way into China!

  • The Nanning Government in China and Smart Nanning is appointing Cloudbae, to organize our 5th ever Smart City Startup Pitch Competition.
  • Many startups have not experienced much success finding their way into the Business Eco System. Cloudbae’s incubation of promising startups will serve as the catalyst you need to succeed in the competitive China market.
  • The world is facing a new normal in the post-pandemic era. As a result, this competition aims to provide a different kind of value proposition to start-ups wanting to venture into China

    Besides the attractive prize monies to be won, Cloudbae also offers the best smart city Startups access to highly strategic networks. It will help to turn ideas into sought-after solutions, and opportunities to break into new markets!

Competition Objective

To be part of the core components of a smart city. A modern city is a complex entity, comprising of a range of facets that support the human lifecycle. From transport to administrative services, a range of spheres transformed by smart city technologies includes the following:

What consist of a Smart City?

Smart Manufacturing
An umbrella term for digital production operations, smart manufacturing harnesses IoT and the digital workforce to boost operational and energy efficiency, enhance employee security, and decrease environmental pollution levels.
Smart Transportation
Smart transportation means using digital tools and systems to improve and innovate the urban transportation experience, resolve traffic issues such as traffic jams, and reduce the number of accidents.
Smart Energy Systems
Some of the most enticing smart cities opportunities include digital systems for sustainable and renewable energy. For example, smart power plants using solar or wind energy may become an integral part of a smart city’s ecosystem.
Smart Healthcare
Smart healthcare is a mix of technologies aimed at increasing longevity and improving the quality of life of its citizens. Smart healthcare systems leverage mobile, IoT wearables, and computer technology to obtain accurate diagnoses and improve healthcare services.
Smart Buildings
Smart buildings use a complex combination of technologies and services that ensure energy efficiency, enhance security, and deliver better communal services. From wireless technologies to IoT devices, intelligent building systems help manage and control lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, basically the entire infrastructure of a modern building. Implementing smart building technologies results in improved security and health levels, as well as enhanced convenience of its residents.
Digital Citizenship
Smart city technologies are interactive and primarily targeted at citizens who are active users of digital devices and services. Digital citizenship implies using digital technologies to partake in local, social, political, and government activities.
Digital Government
Also known as e-government, digital government aims to facilitate access to public services by delivering them directly to a citizen’s laptop or a smartphone screen. A digital government promotes communication and engagement between citizens and states, reduces the cost of public services and delivers them in a faster and more secure way.
Smart Farming
Smart farming is a set of digital technologies used in agriculture to increase the quality and quantity of crops and agricultural products. Smart technologies like IoT, soil scanning, GPS, and data management are also helping reduce the negative impact of farming on the environment.

Competition Categories

Seed (Start-up)

  1. You only have an idea
  2. You don’t have know how far you can stretch this in the future
  3. You have a small team of at least 3 like-minded people
  4. You do not have any revenue
  5. You need funding to help you kick start

Comprehensive (Scale-p)

  1. You have a viable product from your idea
  2. You have a vision of your impact in the future
  3. You have a team of dedicated people in a company
  4. You are generating some revenue
  5. You need funding to expand and grow

Competition Timeline 2022

Competition Timeline 2022

5th JUL
Official Launch
Fringe Activities
3rd AUG
Registration Close
5th AUG
6th AUG
Announcement of Prelim Finalists
16th AUG
Rehearsal for Prelim Finalist
18-19th AUG
Prelim Finals
19th AUG
Announcement of Grand Finalists
20-30th AUG
Mentoring of Grand Finalists
1st SEP
Official introduction of China Organiser and Takeover
3rd SEP
China Market Value Add Session
20th SEP
Rehearsal for Grand Finalist
23rd SEP
Grand Finalist
24th SEP
Grand Finals
(Livestreamed in Nanning)

Competition Judging Criteria

Project Plan

  • i. Innovation and Creativity.

    Your solution should clearly define the product or service provided, the biggest problem it is solving comparison with other alternatives, and its long term vision and goal.

  • ii. Commercial Value.

    Your solution should emphasize on its revenue model, the projected growth rate, and breakeven point.

  • iii. Returns on Investment Analysis.

    Your solution should contain a comprehensive analysis of the ROI, it’s potential on all addressable markets and feasibility.

  • iv. Marketing Strategy.

    Your solution should contain a comprehensive marketing plan to include the target audience persona and their biggest challenges, marketing objectives, and channels of outreach.

  • v. Public Service.

    Your solution should provide immense benefits and convenience to the people aspiring to live in smart cities.

Pitch Performance

  • i. Excellent Flow.

    The pitch deck must be well-structured with relevant sections, well-researched content, and aesthetic in its presentation.

  • ii. Delivery of Response.

    Understand the judges’ questions accurately. Able to answer with clarity and logical thinking in a concise and fluent manner.

  • iii. Critical Thinking.

    Able to present on the spot defense of the idea with clarity on the entrepreneurship plan.

  • iv. Team Synergy.

    Good team spirit, with neat and presentable appearance, commendable presentation skills and coordinated sense of humour.

Competition Prizes

2nd Prize
1st Prize
3rd Prize
3 x Consolation

Competition Support

  • Mentoring of Business Idea and Presentation.

    If your team becomes a Grand Finalist for the China Competition, you will be paired with a Startup Mentor who will spend quality time with you to sharpen your pitch and USP.

  • Value-Adding Pitch Coaching Sessions.

    There will be at least one session on China Business and Startup Eco System masterclass conducted by an expert from China.

  • Expert advice on Business and Eco Systems in China.

    There will also be fringe activities such as panel sessions to help you understand the Chinese culture and their ways of business.

Thank You for Your Intrest

Our team will get in touch with you soon.