Ethan Tan

Ethan Tan

Ethan is the Director of Consultancy at The 8th Pinnacle Pte Ltd, a management consultancy firm and a Director of Startup Junkie SG Pte Ltd, the venture catalyst arm of the Walton Foundation, to identify promising startups to introduce to the Wal-Mart ecosystem. Ethan...
Ian Low,  Jianliang

Ian Low, Jianliang

Jian Liang lives his life through application of design thinking and an entrepreneurial mind set. Nurturing of people is his greatest passion. At the age of 5, he was already hawking his second hand toys illegally at a public park, which grew to more mini projects in...
Samantha  Ng

Samantha Ng

Over the past decade, I have worked with thousands of professionals, graduates, and undergraduates in Asia and in Singapore, on personal development and career charting. Clients I have worked with come from different backgrounds and at different life phases, ranging...
Jeremy  Mah

Jeremy Mah

I’m a co-founder of NeuXP, who is driven by building the best solutions for the underserved markets through digitalisation. At NeuXP, we aim to be the next norm in transforming the digital banking experience for non-citizens in Europe, USA and Asia through an...
Teo  Peiru

Teo Peiru

My life’s purpose is to use technology, my gift of implementation, and to make things easy to help people. I can help reduce the cost of services and make them accessible to people who otherwise may not have access to them. People around me describe me as a...

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